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Empower Your Construction Projects with Moonpanda

The Ultimate Tool for Architects, Engineers, and Designers

Moonpanda is the first project management system designed specifically for architects, landscape architects, designers, engineers, other AEC professionals.

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moonpanda priority dashboard
Timesheet weekly breakdown
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export recorded time on a project
Create a new project task

How Moonpanda Works

Meet Moonpanda's All-in-One Solution for Efficient AEC Project Planning

Moonpanda is a one-stop-shop that delivers a powerful and simple solution for project planning and execution, catering to the needs of professionals in the AEC industry. 

project dashboard

Seamless Real-Time Time Tracking

Revolutionary Browser Plugin

Dynamic Activity and Prioritization Dashboard

Moonpanda's smart budget allocation system ensures that your resources are spent wisely and efficiently, enhancing project efficiency and collaboration.

Why Moonpanda?

One word, Simple.

The clean and streamlined interface cuts out the noise so you can focus on projects and invest your time where it's needed most. 

Image by Evgeniy Surzhan
Moonpanda project details dashboard

Easy Setup for AEC Professionals

Setting up your projects in Moonpanda is easy. No complex onboarding, no expensive customization, No hassle. 

Moonpanda's user-friendly set up means that your team hits the ground running. This means you spend less time trying to "figure out" a complex system and more time being productive.

Smart Budgeting for Your Projects

With Moonpanda's project budget tracking, you can rest assured that your resources are spent wisely and efficiently.

Performance-based budgeting is connected to staff tasks and project phases.

budget and team cost tracking
project management for architects

Beautiful Designs for Your Urban Planning Projects

Use Moonpanda AI's beautiful design templates to elevate your urban planning projects and match multiple platforms and formats.

3D Urban Planning Designs

Interactive Urban Planning Designs

Augmented Reality Urban Planning Designs

Virtual Reality Urban Planning Designs


Streamlined workflow to powerful task control - Moonpanda has it all.

It's time to simplify. Stop using 5, 6, 7, or even 10+ subscriptions to manage your projects tasks, budget tracking, and team communication. Moonpanda's all-in-one solution provides a space for your team to collaborate, work, and communicate so that you can deliver projects on time and on budget.

Moonpanda gantt chart time line view
task information

From The Moon

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Our Clients

Why AEC Professionals Choose Moonpanda

"Moonpanda's user-friendly solutions have transformed the way we manage our urban planning projects"

Moonpanda's innovative solutions have enabled AEC professionals to enhance project efficiency and collaboration, ultimately leading to construction excellence.

Sam Whol
Senior Architect at Urban Planning Co.

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