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About Moonpanda

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Our Mission

Our mission is to provide an easy-to-use platform that is not only designed with the AEC industry’s unique needs in mind but is also built to cater specifically to the challenges and opportunities faced by smaller firms and individual practitioners. By focusing on simplicity, accessibility, and relevance, we aim to redefine what success looks like in construction projects, making it attainable for every professional, regardless of the size of their enterprise.

Moonpanda is committed to being more than just another tool in the toolbox or a platform on the desktop. We strive to be a transformative partner for all AEC professionals, enabling them to excel in their projects and achieve construction excellence.

Together, we will build a future where every project, no matter the size, is managed with the utmost efficiency, creativity, and excellence.

Our Purpose

At Moonpanda, our purpose is to revolutionize project management for small to medium-sized AEC firms and companies facing the challenge of navigating through a cluttered landscape of expensive, enterprise-level tools or juggling numerous platforms just to stay afloat.


We recognize the struggles of these professionals who are in desperate need of a streamlined solution that doesn’t break the bank. That’s where Moonpanda steps in—eliminating complexity and bringing forth an easy-to-use, intuitive platform designed for the very fabric of their daily operations.

We're committed to simplifying the project management process with a platform that is as straightforward to set up as it is to afford, ensuring that no firm is left behind due to financial constraints or technological barriers. Moonpanda is not just a tool; it’s a beacon for small to medium-sized AEC businesses, guiding them towards a more organized, efficient, and successful future with our simple, easily implemented, and economically accessible solution.

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Our Story

Welcome to Moonpanda, where creativity meets construction, technology shakes hands with tradition, and where two dynamic women are redefining the AEC landscape, one project at a time.

Our story isn't just about our past accomplishments or the credentials hanging on our “remote office” walls. It's about our journey towards igniting "Architectural Intelligence" across the AEC industry, driven by our professional prowess and personal passions. As a women-owned and led enterprise, Moonpanda is more than our brainchild; it’s our battle cry against the status quo: you don’t need deep pockets to run a successful small business and grow; you need tools you can afford to get there.

We are excited to have customers join us on this thrilling adventure as we pave the way for a smarter, more efficient, and wildly more creative AEC world. Because with Moonpanda, every project is a story or industry case study waiting to be told.


Note: Customer feedback is highly encouraged and greatly appreciated!


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